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We have teamed up with a a number experts, each of whom is a leader in their particular field, to deliver high end workshops, each with a media theme.

We are also able to work alongside your existing trainers to provide the facilities and technical expertise to create unique workshop to fit your specific needs.


Dealing with the media
Strategies for interaction with media for senior management. This one day course has been specifically designed to cover the areas of press, radio and television, where the ability to interact confidently is crucial.

It includes practical experience with a professional interviewer and real life examples of how and how not to do it. You'll be given video and audio recordings of your performance to keep and the confidence to ensure that when the media next gets in touch, you have the capacity to get your message across, whatever the questions may be.

The leadership studio
A fresh approach to leadership development built around the design and production of a corporate video in a professional studio. This challenging, hands-on project allows delegates to exercise all their creative leadership skills in approaching an unfamiliar problem and making the best use of our state-of-the-art resources. It allows delegates to focus on new ideas and try different approaches that will enable them to take their leadership to the next level.
Team building
We offer a variety of challenging tasks for your team. Create a radio programme, a TV advertisement for your company, a pop video, etc., etc. We work with you to determine the outcome that you would like to see from the day.  Perhaps there are some key messages that your team can take away to build on, or maybe the aim is just to get everyone to know each other better and have some fun.  We include coaching and training, tailoring the activities accordingly.
Executive presentation skills
Presentation skills for executives and personal coaching for the specific needs of high profile speakers. Whether you are required to deliver an after dinner speech, to lead a conference, to facilitate a seminar, or speak on a specific topic on the television or radio, you will be given one to one coaching to develop your presentation style and to develop your voice by a BBC presenter. The use of audio and video recordings will enable you to monitor your performance and to see the improvement.