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CD & DVD design & duplication
We offer comprehensive service for CD & DVD design & duplication.

If you need help with artwork we have in-house graphic designers who either advise you or can put together the whole thing for you. If you need a photo shoot then we can do that too at a very competitve price.

CDs & DVDs are manufactured in Germany by one of the largest firms in the world who deliver to the very highest standards.

If you need help with your artwork design then we can do that for you. We have in-house graphic designers who can put it together for you without any hassle, and if you need a photo shoot then look no further! Call us today to find out more.

video camera

Video production is a major part of our business and we have extensive experience of filming live events. With High Definition cameras, multi-track recording, surround sound and DVD authoring, we can deliver the whole package.


Our stage and studio workshops draw on many years of practical experience and technical know how in the
performing arts and supporting services. We have worked with many schools and colleges to provide musicians and technical students with experience in the commercial side of the industry.

We also run private workshops for individuals or groups. Please call us for more information.

Here are a couple of our most popular workshops:

Home Recording

This is a technical workshop aimed at amateur and professional musicians. It provides information,
demonstrations and hints and tips to help you get the best out of your recording equipment.

Topics covered include; room acoustics, positioning of speakers, microphones & headphones,
mixing desk functions, use of equalization to improve separation, signal effect processors, the mixing
sequence and process, audio editing, etc. A short session on live sound is included.

Song Writing

We will help you to get started and guide you through the song writing process. Your song will be recorded in the High Barn studio and you will get a CD of the finished results. The session also covers legal aspects of song writing and provides advice on putting together various types of demo recordings for getting gigs, publishing and record deals, etc.