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High Barn
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This is one of the most inspiring performance and recording spaces in
the country.

The High Barn is a stunning Grade II* listed medieval property, providing an imaginative combination of an historic timber-framed building with state of the art facilities. Functional all year round, with under-floor heating for winter days.

Refurbished to the highest standards, it provides a very attractive space creating a unique ambience.

The incredible character and acoustics of the building have been preserved by constructing a new shell around the outside so that the timbers remain exposed internally.

Barn Band
High Barn wide photo
Live Recording

We are able to house a full choir and orchestra and still have plenty
of room for a TV and sound crew to move around.

It is ideal for filming, multi-track recording and broadcasting live music shows to the highest standards. Signals from the stage can be routed to the Control Room as well as to the live mixing desk in the gallery. The High Barn incorporates a full theatre lighting system with an automated desk.

barn layout
barn layout