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The filming of live music events is very different from the production of a typical promotional video but our experience in both areas enables us to combine the best of both worlds in order to produce high quality, powerful productions for most styles of acoustic music.


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We Recommend Quicktime 7 to view our videos

Live Performance Video

High Barn has one of the best spaces for filming and recording an intimate public performance in the country. Along with the great atmosphere and acoustics, our state of the art equipment ensures that we are able to produce the highest quality audio and visuals.

To ensure that the audio is recorded as well as possible for the live audience, sound from the stage is sent simultaneously to the live mixing desk and our recording studio so that it can be separately monitored in the control room.

With a programmable lighting system, networked High Definition video cameras and the High Barn's wonderful atmosphere, we can produce a wide range of video styles.

Whilst we do not offer a 'cheap' solution, in addition to tailor-made productions, we try to cater for professional level artists who are on a tight budget by offering a standard package for filming live shows. Call us for more information.




Music Promo Videos

A well produced promotional music video is the most powerful way to showcase an artist to a broad audience. It demonstrates their character and grabs attention.
The High Barn and surrounding area provide a spectacular and varied range of spaces for filming in easy reach of town and city locations.

Our process:

- We review your music, web site and any other promotional materials to get a feel for the sort of artist you are and to ensure that we are the best company for your project.
- We will then discuss ideas and possible story lines with you.
- We will present you with a number of possibilities and an estimate of the cost. (note: most productions will be in the range £5,000 to £50,000).