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The projects we manage vary greatly. We often supply the whole solution including consultancy,web development, artwork for print, photography, etc. In other instances we supply one part of the solution, such as the video component or DVD authoring or animation.
Web Authoring
A website needs to do more than just look good or have the right information in it. We make sure that we understand who you are targeting and why so that we get the structure right and get across your message quickly and powerfully.
Podcasts are delivered via the web and can be listened to on-line.  However, the real benefit comes in the way that podcasts are automatically downloaded to mobile devices such as MP3 Players and iPods. High Barn can deliver the whole package from conception and consultancy through to recording and publishing. Take a look at our own podcast page.

Animation line
You can see some examples of our animation and how it can be used throughout our own website.

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Communications Consultancyline
One of the most challenging and critical factors for an organisation can be its ability to communicate efficiently and effectively both externally and internally.In an ideal world, what needs to be communicated, when and how would be clear to everyone and the tools that aid communication wouldn't change. Unfortunately it is not that simple.
Our method for developing a consistent and comprehensive communications policy is straightforward and can be introduced in a matter of weeks. By involving key staff from your organisation, we obtain their buy in and ensure the implementation of a process that will continue long after we have gone.