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iPodWhat is a Podcast?

The word ”podcast” is an amalgamation of the words iPod and broadcast.

Unlike traditional radio and television, with podcasts you have control over when and where you listen to or watch your favourite programmes.

Podcasts are delivered via the web and can be listened to on-line.  However, the real benefit comes in the way that podcasts are automatically downloaded to mobile devices such as MP3 Players and iPods. 

When you 'subscribe' to a podcast, the system  automatically loads new episodes to your mobile device as they become available so that you can listen to them whenever it suits you.

Mobile phones can also be equipped to download podcasts. Nokia have released a beta version of their new Podcasting application for the Nokia N91 and the other major mobile manufacturers have all announced their intention to handle podcasts.

The underlying technology used for podcasts, called RSS (Really Simple Syndication) is capable of containing any type of media including audio, video, graphics and more.

The current market leader in the delivery of podcasts is iTunes.  You can find a wide range of topics from traditional entertainment such as BBC radio programmes  through to useful podcasts about hobbies and business.

Download iTunes for Mac and PC for free


High Barn's Podcasts

communications podcast 'Communicate'

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For business : Listen to experts talk about how technology is enabling new ways of communicating and marketing and where it is all going.

high barn evets podcast 'High Barn Events'

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Hear about the events coming up at High Barn and listen to some of their music to help you make your choice.

'High Barn Records Artist Interviews'

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